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Why Properties Sell So Fast

    Almost daily now, I receive calls from buyers who are excited about a new listing they drove by, only for me to tell them it just went under contract.

    "I KNEW IT!" they complain. "Just my luck, I've missed another one!" 

    Truth is, not all properties sell that fast. Average days on market in Austin is between 50 and 60.  In other words, for every house that sells in one day, another sells in 120 days, so 60 is average.

    So why do so many of my listings sell so fast?

    They are exposed properly to the market.

    In addition, one of three requirements must be met for a house to sell quickly:

  •    It must be unique
  •    It must be among the nicest properties in the area
  •    It must be among the best priced in the area

    If a property meets two of these three requirements, it will sell very quickly, 1-2 weeks.

    I consult with my sellers, sometimes weeks or months before their house goes on the market.  We formulate a plan that works best for them to put the house into its most marketable condition.  We review market prices just before the property goes into MLS to ensure that their property is as good or better buy than its competition.

    A property will sell quickly and for top dollar if it has been prepared, priced and marketed appropriately.

    Otherwise it just sits there, lots of showings, no offers.

    It's tempting to conclude that quick sales are due to underpricing.  Indeed, some Austin properties are underpriced and sell quickly because of it. 

    However, underpriced properties are hard to find these days.  They get bid up, often above a higher list price.   Austin's hot market has proven that people will pay top dollar for something they want, especially if they believe someone else wants it as much as they do.  Right now,  for premium properties, Austin has enough buyers who are prepared to pay top dollar when they see a good deal, and without delay.

    The key to getting top dollar, then,  is for a seller to stage, price, and promote their property appropriately.   A knowledgeable real estate professional can present the full picture.

    Most of my sellers take advantage of such knowledge, and THAT is why so many of my listings sell quickly.

    So what if you are a buyer and you don't want to be a victim to "the one that got away?" CLICK HERE!

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