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Detailing Your House for Top Dollar

         A prospect looking at your home has one thing in mind:  "Will this house work for me?"

         Buyers try to experience what it would be like to make your home their home. They visualize their own furniture, their color choices, their children's toys, their whole lifestyle. If too much of "your stuff" is in their view, you will have impeded your buyers in this very necessary and productive process.

    Your job is to make it easy for them to choose your property by:
  • De-cluttering:  Horizontal surfaces should be cleared, with no more than three or four objects. Guide: If you think a room, table, countertop, or bookshelf looks too empty, it is probably just right!
  • Cleaning: As good as a professional service would do
  • Repairing:  If you don't want to fix something, chances are the buyers won't either; often they'll charge double your cost by deducting repairs from the price. Buyers have come to expect fresh paint inside and out; they now require clean, unworn carpet.
  • Neutralizing (de-personalizing):  Help them to see the house as theirs, not yours. Get your personal objects out of the way, no matter how lovely or sentimental!
  • Dynamizing:  Ahh, the glorious touch! Fresh plants strategically placed, a warm fire, glowing lamps, generic but tasteful art (no Elvis on velvet or 3-D religious icons here)
  • Maintaining showroom condition:  Living in a home is one thing, but selling it is another. You never know when the right buyer will show up, the one who will pay you the most money. Be ready. It will take effort to set up and maintain, but showroom condition can put thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.
          Now look at the photos:
If you were looking to buy this home, which would appeal to you?


Too much clutter and personal objects; extra furniture creates bulk and destroys the aesthetic unity of the room  


De-personalized (portrait over mantle changed), dynamized (plants added, generic arty objects on mantle, lamp adds warmth)


Refrigerator magnets, breadmaker, cutting board, dishes, windowbox clutter


De-cluttered, clean & shiny now, dynamized by colorful fresh fruit


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