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Dear Tom: We can't say enough praises for you having been our real estate professional in the sale of our home!  In short, your work was fabulous and extremely professional! After working with you, we can say without equivocation that your service level is indeed above and beyond.

Honestly, we believe that one of the reasons our house successfully sold was what you brought into our contract.  Your commitment ot us, your Internet presence, follow-ups on potential buyer showings, research data shared, and your punctuality and sound judgment all scored off the chart with us.  You definitely made selling our home a positive experience that we will remember in years to come.  -SS and CS

Dear Tom, I am writing to thank you for your help in making the house of my dreams a reality.  After working unsuccessfully with another agent for months, I am amazed by the difference it made to have you working for me.  With your extensive knowledge of Austin's real estate market, you helped me focus my goals and evaluate different possibilities.  When the right property came along, you helped me move swiftly and craft a creative offer to help prevent that property from slipping away.  By handling each step of the home buying process with a top-notch level of service, you enabled me to relax and attend to my business and personal matters, secure with the knowledge that my real estate needs were being met.

Again, Tom, I am grateful for your help.  If you ever need a reference, I would be happy to sing your praises to anyone.  I believe you are a credit to the real estate profession and an asset to the Austin-area community. -KG

Tom- Thanks for doing such a great job selling the duplex, and thanks for your kind card. If trustworthiness is your goal, you're succeeding in spades! I recommend you to anyone interested in buying or selling. In
both our transactions, I've felt completely confident of your skills and knowledge, but even more so of your commitment to excellence. Plus, you do cool things like build theremins!

Not only are you expert in the customary way that real estate works around here, but you demonstrate a real enthusiasm for tailoring the experience according to the desires of the customer. Even though we
ended up doing a fairly ordinary deal, I really appreciated that you listened to my ideas about alternate ways of selling the duplex. It demonstrated an open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity that leaders
in any industry must have.  -DG

Dear Tom: Please allow me the chance to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service and indeed, friendship you have extended over the years.  I seems that I spend so much of my business day "putting out the fires" and reminding people to do what I've already paid them to do.  It is such a pleasure to work with you and to know that I will be treated fairly and with respect.  You are a true professional and I am better for having worked with you.  Here's to many more years of collaboration! -RS

Dear Tom: On behalf of the FUMC Board of Trustees, I would like to thank you for serving as our Realtor.  Your ability to maintain the big picture vision while attending to the details made the sale of our property and the purchase very smooth.  Thank you for your research, communication, and council.  I would especially like to commend you for your interaction with the Board and responsible sub-committees. Dealing effectively with a large decision-making body takes considerable determination and skill.  -CN

Dear Tom: Ed and I appreciate all your hard work and patience with us in finding a new home...You have been so great in explaining things to us and representing/going to bat for us.  I'm really proud you are our Realtor because of your stellar reputation.  Thanks so much. -GC

Tom, Thanks so very much for all your help with our recent real estate capers!  Your professionalism, patience and availability were beyond compare...Thanks! -K&P P

Dear Tom: You are the one to be honored.  You worked very hard... It was a pleasure to work with you and to be some help. -ES

Dear Tom, I just wanted to reiterate what I said in "closing" Thursday.  You are not only a good and competent Realtor who treats everyone fairly, but you're a find human being, too!  It was truly a pleasure to work with you! -AB

Dear Mr. Stanberry:  I am writing this letter to highly commend your agent Mr. Tom Polk.  He has been outstanding in his dedication and diligence in the process of selling my house in Austin.  It has been a difficult sale with numerous complexities, not the least of which is my residency out of state.  Tom has cheerfully hurdled all obstacles on the path to a successful sale, and I think that you need to know just what an outstanding individual you have in this man.  -KDJ

The following came from a friend of someone who didn't hire me because they didn't want to accept my recommendations:

"I just had to tell you that Tom was really spot on with our house, etc... We so liked him but thought we could get more for the house.  Just wanted to tell you to pass that onto him.  We ended up selling @ 630.  Orginally, had it @ 669,900 then reduced to 649,900.  In analyzing what has sold around here, price square footage, we are receiving more than the other homes although less than we had hoped.  Now we have to survive that awlful "10-day option period."  Anyway, I thought it important to let Tom know that he had analyzed the situation correctly & that is most impressive!"


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Stanberry & Associates has operated as a real estate brokerage firm licensed in the State of Texas since 1985.

Tom Polk is a real estate broker licensed in the State of Texas.