With a hobby a man is reasonably secure against the
whips and arrows of the most outrageous fortune.


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Eye Candy
My Colorful Collection of  Old Radios
An Old Passion
Homebuilt Telescopes
Little Tape Recorders
One of the World's Few Collections
A Current Passion
Homebuilt Musical Instruments
Sharing the Thrill
Helping fourth graders build crystal radios
Brian Wilson and Tom Polk
My Encounter with Greatness
The Musical Instrument I Built for Brian Wilson's Tour
Fine Crystal Radio
I Built This One
for a Contest
My Tesla Coil
For Some Crazy Reason I Like High Voltage 
Casting a Plastic Radio
I Try My Hand
Musical Composition
I've done this before
Blueprint Paper Photography
An Old Process Rediscovered
Most Powerful One-Transistor Radio
This one drives a speaker
Simplest Powerful RF Oscillator
Generate 1W with few parts
Simplest 455KHz Oscillator
Uses only three parts
Inexpensive Automatic Volume Control
for HDTV, DTV, DVD, VHS, etc.
$12 AM Band Frequency Synthesizer
Crystal Stabilized Frequency Generator for Part 15 transmitters