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Showing Your House so They'll Buy

     You want your buyer to be excited about your home. When a prospective purchaser first learns of your offering, he decides if it makes the cut for the homes he wants to view. He is not excited at this point. When and how does he become excited?

     A sale is made of a series of "yes" responses with little interruption. From the moment a buyer does the following, he is saying "yes,", "no," or "maybe" to himself:
  • Drives into your neighborhood (is it a yes?)
  • Sees your house from the street (is it a yes?)
  • Walks up to your doorway (is it a yes?)
  • Steps into your entry (still a yes?)
  • Views the interior (YES?)
  • Views the yard and garage (YES!)
Do you have a sale here? Chances are excellent! This series of "yesses" has two components: 
  • The tour of the home is uninterrupted, unobstructed, focused
  • The buyer is intent on GENERAL aspects, not specific
     What does this mean to you? Well, it means you need to stay out of the way and let the house sell itself.     Buyers are polite in the seller's presence, but it is unusual for a buyer to genuinely appreciate a seller following him around pointing out features when all he wants to do is get a feel for the house.   

      Buyers often show up at your doorstep already experiencing "information overload;" they are not ready to be showered with specifics or to welcome new personalities. Showings are more effective when the seller lets buyers discover neat things about the house in the buyers' own order of priority. But how do you make sure that prospects are presented with what all you have to offer?     I provide my client's buyers with information sheets promoting the house, its features, and its benefits. This information is in a clear, immediately accessible format so that you don't have to be there to make sure buyers are finding out what you what them to know.    

You don't need to be a salesman. Your job is simply to
detail your house for top dollar , making sure the lawn is mowed, the lights are on and and no one is home!

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